Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Chinese herbs for depression

Ancient Chinese medicine treats depression very differently as compared to conventional modern medical science.

Traditional Chinese medical science believes that

Depression is just another disease.
Each emotion is linked to the five elements - water, wood, fire, earth and metal.
Emotions are closely attached to the overall physical wellbeing of an individual.
In a diseased body, the vital energy forces are blocked and need to be released.
The Chinese medical theory further segregates depression on the basis of the five elements. It purports that depression symptoms can belong to three groups.

Earth-type depression – This is depression that is accompanied by worry, lethargy, loose stools, weight gain, and fatigue.
Water-type depression – This depression is associated with symptoms of reluctance to get up, impotence, fear, and urinary problems.
Wood-type depression – This type of depression is believed to be a result of stagnation and anger that is directed inwards.
Natural remedies for depression like the mimosa tree are the mainstay of the Chinese remedies for depression. The entire plant - the silvery bark, the young leaves and the yellow flowers play some role in treating depression.

The bark is used as a tranquilizer for emotional disturbances, bad temper, sleep disorders and memory loss.
The flower is used as a sedative and helps in symptoms like heaviness in the chest.
The leaves also aid in inducing sleep.
Since anxiety and stress are causes of depression, some of the other Chinese herbs that help in reducing stress can be successfully used in reducing depression. Herbs like amber, fossil bone, wheat berries, and oyster shells can be used to provide relief from stress-related depression.

The Chinese approach to treating depression naturally is mostly based on conscious awareness and releasing the blocked vital energy. Traditional Chinese theory also lays emphasis on the concept of vital energy or Qi. Another way of releasing the energy is attempted through the aid of other Chinese therapies like acupuncture and acupressure.

Herbal medicines have limited or no side effects that are usually associated with stimulants and antidepressants. Chinese herbal and natural remedies for depression are therefore safe and can be used without hesitation.



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