Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Chinese Insomnia Medication and Procedures

Sleep disorders like insomnia can play havoc with the daily rhythm of an individual’s life. Each and every individual requires a certain amount of sleep to be able to perform at optimum level. The hours of sleep that are necessary depend on the age of the person and other lifestyle factors. A person who has not had a good night’s sleep is likely to be drowsy and listless throughout the day. Sleeplessness lowers the sense of wellbeing that is necessary for efficient working.

Insomnia is a chronic condition of sleeplessness. It is not a disease itself, but it is likely to be a symptom of another ailment.

Reaching for a sleeping pill every time you cannot sleep is risky and is definitely not the ideal cure. Sleep-inducing drugs are habit-forming and can cause other side effects. They are extremely difficult to give up later. Dependency on the pills becomes so complete that sleeping without a pill becomes nearly impossible. Alternative therapies like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have a fair number of remedies and therapies that can help in curing insomnia. The medication is in the form of natural products, such as herbs, and coupled with procedures like acupressure and acupuncture, this holistic approach proves to be extremely effective.

The approach that TCM takes towards insomnia is entirely different from conventional medicine. It is based on the principle that a healthy body has a free flow of energy. This energy is called Qi (pronounced “chi”) by the Chinese. It is believed that Qi and blood must slip deep inside the body to induce sound sleep naturally. Obstructions in this vital energy can be caused by incompatibility between the heart and the kidneys, liver disorders, or even a starchy or insufficient diet. The Chinese discipline of medication understands the underlying cause of the problem and corrects the disorder to allow free flow of Qi. Herbs and natural products are used by TCM to correct the imbalances in the body to unblock Qi.

Ancient Chinese procedures like acupressure and acupuncture are based on similar principles. These are delicate but effective techniques that use the application of pressure by hand or by inserting long thin needles at pressure points called meridians. These techniques can help in releasing the blocked energy.

Sometimes, the cause behind insomnia can also be psychological. People who suffer from depression can also have problems sleeping soundly. Treating depression is the best option in such cases. You may have to resort to sleeping pills while undergoing treatment for depression since this process may take some time. The treatment for depression need not mean you have to resort to antidepressants and drugs that have side effects. There are natural remedies for depression that can prove to be very effective. You can choose from Homeopathy, Ayurveda or Naturopathy. Treating depression naturally is the choice you should make if you are looking at a holistic treatment for your condition. Herbal oils massages, yoga and rigorous workouts can also help to treat depression as well as insomnia.

More than anything, a fast life and overdependence on quick-fix medical solutions are responsible for the increased incidence of insomnia. A little bit of conscious effort to improve lifestyles and eating habits can be instrumental in keeping the mind and body in fit condition.



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