Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Natural Liver Detox - Herbs and Diet

The organ that is most affected by a high level of toxins is the liver. Toxins are poisonous substances that accumulate in the body. Typically this occurs when the natural detoxification process cannot eliminate the excess toxins that accumulate. The excessive amounts of toxins enter our bodies via environmental pollutants, cigarette smoke, food additives, alcohol and chemicals to which we are exposed.

The liver is the largest glandular organ in the human body. It is located in the upper right portion of the abdominal cavity. It secretes bile and also participates in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Its main role in the natural detoxification process is removing toxins by filtering them out of the system.

Since the job of removing excess toxins belongs to the liver, an accumulation of toxins is the main reason behind liver dysfunctions. Therefore, it is pertinent that any kind of detox treatment include the liver along with the digestive and urinary systems. A natural detox regimen can be very beneficial to restore normal liver functions. It generally includes exercises, herbal detox and a liver-friendly diet. Each of these remedies aim at stimulating the liver to perform its function properly.

There are various herbs that are beneficial for liver functioning. There are numerous herbs that have been listed in the chronicles, and listed below are the ones that are considered most effective:

Cascara sagrada bark - It contains oils that aid in the movements that cause us to excrete stool. Its stimulating action affects the liver, stomach and pancreas.
Silybum marianum L - Commonly known as milk thistle, this herb is recommended for conditions of liver functions that are caused by drug abuse and excessive drinking.
Dandelion - The dandelion root stimulates the liver for efficient detoxification. It also promotes circulation and strengthens arteries.
Turmeric - It is the mainstay of Ayurvedic herbs for natural cleansing of the liver.
A liver-friendly diet is as important as herbs for effective detoxification in detox remedies. There are some basic rules that one needs to follow while undergoing liver cleansing:

Fresh citrus juices including lime and lemon accompanied by ginger and garlic squeezes with a little bit of olive oil makes a perfect “liver flush” drink.
Eliminate processed foods and substitute them with organic foods, lean meats, fruit and vegetables.
Artichokes, broccoli, cabbage, seaweed and radishes have a proven track record of being good for the liver.
Some detox products like herbal liver supplements can provide instant relief while you are waiting for the diet to produce results. Liver detox diet and herbs should become a part of your daily routine. These should not be adopted only when symptoms of malfunction appear. Diets, herbs and supplements do prove to be advantageous for the liver, but they can provide lasting effects only if they are accompanied by a change in lifestyle.



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