Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Superfoods nutrition, flavor, health benefits, energy,and so much more

The content of this article may help to solve one of humankind's greatest challenges. It describes a technological breakthrough in understanding of the natural and ideal human diet. We have discovered the appropriate foods and herbs that benefit everyone with maximum nutrition, flavor, health benefits, energy, as well as minimum calories and no trans fatty acids.

Each and every human being has the inalienable right to pursue noble ideals. Because we were all born into the world with one known principle — “You are what you eat” — we can, in our pursuit of noble ideals, discover that there are indeed noble foods that assist us in achieving our dreams.

These special, noble foods and herbs fall into three time-proven, yet brand-new food groups:

1. Superfoods: These include foods that have many unique properties. For example, the goji berry (a superfood) is a source of complete protein, immune-stimulating polysaccharides, liver-cleansing betaine, anti-aging sesquiterpenes, antioxidants, over 20 trace minerals, and much, much more. Compare this to a normal food, such as celery.

2. Superherbs: These include herbs that have super tonic and adaptogenic properties as well as many other unique gifts. For example, reishi mushroom (a superherb) helps support a healthy immune system, heart, lungs, kidneys, as well as assisting with rejuvenating brain and connective tissue.

3. Living, raw plant foods: These are important, normal foods that include most fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, seaweeds, sprouts, grasses, fresh herbs, and fermented foods (i.e. sauerkraut).

Even though these foods have been with us for thousands of years, universal knowledge and education about their use and their world-wide availability in clean, microbe-free, organic form have not been available until now.

We truly live in a time of unprecedented abundance. Having access to the world’s greatest superfoods, superherbs, and living, raw plant foods at this level of quality, is a first in human history.

Specifically, the superfoods and superherbs not only immediately help nourish the brain, bones, muscles, skin, hair, nails, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, reproductive system, pancreas, and immune system, they can also, over the long-term, correct imbalances and help to guide us towards a more natural and original diet. That means that by consuming the superfoods and superherbs it makes it dramatically easier to achieve your ideal weight, diet, food habits, as well as assisting in easing detoxification and the transition to more living, raw plant foods…all without will power! Additionally, the superfoods and superherbs help you to do this without having to take petroleum-chemical-based vitamin and mineral supplements.

The Natural and Original Diet of Humankind

If you would like to achieve the best health ever, the best relationship with food ever, and have the most fun with your food ever, we recommend that you consume the top 10+ superfoods, the top 10+ superherbs, raw and living food cuisine and do your best to minimize everything else you are eating.

The Top Superfoods Include:

Goji Berries

Cacao Beans (cacao nibs, cacao powder, cacao butter)

Maca (regular maca, red maca)


Bee Products: Honey, Bee Pollen


Blue-Green Algae

Aloe Vera


Yacon Root (powder and syrup)

Hemp Seed

Incan Berries


The Top Superherbs Include:

Vanilla Bean

Pau D'Arco

Cat's Claw

Chanca Piedra

Camu Camu Berry


How To Add Superfoods and Superherbs Into Your Diet

Any of the superfoods and superherbs can be added into anyone’s diet. Simply discover the one’s you like and stick with them. Get out a blender and make entirely new types of shakes, smoothies, and beverages out of superfoods. Make all kinds of teas with the superherbs. Better yet, take your superherb tea and blend it with superfoods.

Interestingly, superfoods and superherbs meet and exceed all our protein requirements, our vitamin and mineral requirements, glyconutrient (essential polysaccharide sugar) requirements, essential fatty acid requirements, immune system requirements, and so much more!

Superfoods can be (and should be) consumed raw because 150 years of research has now demonstrated that living, raw food is superior in vitamin content, enzymes, co-enzymes, usable protein, usable minerals, glyconutrients, and many other elements of nutrition. Additionally, raw food is natural. Raw is how Nature provides us with food.

Superherbs can be consumed as raw powders or as teas. One can make Sun teas, moon teas, infusion teas, cold teas, hot teas, etc.). Hot teas are best made using wood burning stoves, high quality water (preferably spring water), stainless steel pots, and water temperatures that are slowly heated to, yet preferably do not exceed, 170 degrees Fahrenheit (77 degree Celsius). The herbs should be added to the water when it is cold.

Because they are organic, grown without greed, chemicals, or artificial fertilizers, the superfoods, superherbs, and living, raw plant foods are great for you and the best choices ever to help the planet. Culturally we tried better living through chemistry and ended up with an explosion of disease. Now it is time to get back to original raw foods, superfoods, and superherbs so that we can begin to really enjoy every moment of the gift of life



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