Friday, December 28, 2007

The Vitamans Cures And Treatments To Vure The Common Cold

The following supplements, at the suggested dosages, represent a very aggressive approach to the common cold. Nevertheless, if taken at the first sign of symptoms, they may be able to ward off the viral infection and stop the cold before it can develop.

Cimetidine—800 mg/day
Pure Gar garlic—9000 mg once or twice a day (don't eat immediately after ingesting the garlic, and expect a strong sulfurous odor)
Kyolic aged garlic extract—3600 mg/day
DHEA—200 to 400 mg in the morning
Lactoferrin—1200 mg/day
Zinc—Two 24-mg lozenges every 2 hours (when awake) within 24 hours of the onset of symptoms (take only a few days to avoid toxic side effects)
Melatonin—10 to 50 mg at bedtime



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