Thursday, January 3, 2008

Grape Seed The Food Preservative Of The Future

Grape-seed extract revealed an excellent ability to preserve meat in a recent study conducted at the University of Illinois, and may prove to be a viable alternative to synthetic preservatives. The finding was published in an issue of the Journal of Food Science.

Synthetic preservatives currently in use provide their benefit by retarding fat oxidation; however, the phenolic compounds in grape-seed appear to be even more effective antioxidants. “We’ve known for years that certain natural compounds, including some herbs and spices, have powerful antioxidant activity," commented lead researcher and University of Illinois professor of food science, M. Susan Brewer. "Food scientists have been trying to isolate the flavoring parts of these spices from the components that have the functional effects we’re looking for."

In the current study, Dr Brewer and graduate student Martha Rojas evaluated the efficacy oregano, rosemary, and two concentrations of grape-seed extract on cooked, reheated beef and pork stored at 4 degrees Celsius for eight days The meat samples were tested every other day for oxidative markers and sensory indicators of rancidity. “The higher concentration of grape-seed extract yielded better results than we see with synthetics, which is certainly not what you’d expect," Dr Brewer stated. "Synthetics, after all, have been engineered to maximize effectiveness, but sometimes Mother Nature comes up with a better product.” Grape seed has also been known to slow down the process if some cancer's. As we have noted on in the past.



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