Thursday, February 21, 2008

Top findings for neck pain suffers

- Stay as active as you can, exercise and reduce mental stress.
- Don't expect to find a single "cause" for your neck pain.
- Be cautious of treatments that make "big" claims for relief of neck
- Trying a variety of therapies or combinations of therapies may be
needed to find relief - see the therapies for which the Task Force
found evidence of benefits.
- Once you have experienced neck pain, it may come back or remain
- Lengthy treatment is not associated with greater improvements; you
should see improvement after 2-4 weeks, if the treatment is the right
one for you.
- There is relatively little research on what does or does not prevent
neck pain; ergonomics, cervical pillows, postural improvements etc.
may or may not help.

Neck pain, including whiplash-related pain, be classified and treated in a common system of 4 grades:

Grade 1: neck pain with little or no interference with daily activities
Grade 2: neck pain that limits daily activities
Grade 3: neck pain accompanied by radiculopathy ("pinched nerve" - pain
weakness and/or numbness in the arm)
Grade 4: neck pain with serious pathology, such as tumor, fracture,
infection, or systemic disease.



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