Thursday, March 20, 2008


How Many Calories Does An Easter Egg Have?

Calories in Egg Yolks

The yolk is extremely high in cholesterol, containing more than two-thirds of the recommended daily limit of 300 mg! However, the yolk has many health strengths necessary for immunity, healthy skin, nerves and vision. The yolk contains good amounts of B Vitamins, Vitamin A, iron and riboflavin.

Calories in Egg Whites

Egg whites are very low in calories, have no fat, no cholesterol, and are loaded with protein. The egg white is less likely than the yolk to harbor dangerous salmonella, but due to the health risks that raw eggs present, consumption is highly discouraged by medical experts.

Calories Based on one large egg:

Egg White 17 calories

Egg Yolk 59 calories

Fried Egg 92 calories

Hard-Boiled Egg 76 calories

Poached Egg 76 calories

Scrambled Egg 100 calories

Diet Tip - Reducing Recipe Calories Containing Eggs

For those on a very restrictive diet, there are some wonderful health-smart egg products on the market that aid in reducing unhealthy cholesterol levels. EggBeaters is a wonderful egg substitute and if you are watching your waistline, you could reap very good results by incorporating this product into your diet.

Even though the easter egg is a relatively low calorie food, when one is dieting they want to cut every calorie possible to achieve maximum weight loss. To cut back on the calorie of your eggs, try using one yolk and two whites. For less than 100 calories, you've got a luscious and light meal.



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