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What exactly is it about this seemingly magical fruit that causes doctors and health experts from all around the world to advertise the health benefits of apples? Is it due solely to the high levels of nutritional content in apples?
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We are now beginning to gain a better understanding of the vitamins found in apples, as well as the highly beneficial characteristics of the numerous compounds found in apples. Knowing why apples are good for you and your family will further encourage you to pursue them as a vital part of your family's diet.

Before we look at some of the many health benefits of apples, you may be wondering why you can't just take vitamins that contain the same nutrients as found in apples. That is a good question. It is better to eat apples than it is merely to take vitamins because it now appears that the many vitamins and minerals found in apples act together to provide you with more benefits than when taken alone. Simply put, the sum of an apple is more valuable than its individual vitamins and minerals. The health benefits of apples are:

Continued mental health
Now, let's get to the benefits! According to the phytonutrients found in apples can protect your brain from debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson's. These diseases sprout from the breakdown of the brain.

If you want to maintain your full mental capabilities for you and your family as you enter the later stages of your life.

High levels of fiber
Another benefit of apples, although less known, is its ability to provide your body with sufficient levels of fiber. You will not usually find fiber listed within the content of apple nutrition, but fiber offers substantial value to your diet. Fiber is known for its tendency to ensure both digestive regularity and relief of constipation. states that fiber also helps in the fight against many potentially fatal diseases, including different forms of cancer and heart disease. It can also help prevent other not-so-serious - yet highly annoying - problems such as hemorrhoids and Crohn’s disease.

Reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes
One of the biggest myths in the medical field is the idea that women do not need to be concerned about heart disease. It has long been thought of as a "man's disease", but the tide has turned in recent years. We now know that women are prone to heart disease, particularly as they move on in years.

The good news is that with frequent checkups, steady exercise, and a healthy diet, you can reduce your risk of any major problems. Keeping with our theme, consider apples an integral part of your healthy diet. Studies completed by has shown that the consumption of apples leads to a lower risk for heart trouble.

The jury is still out on just how much apples can benefit your heart, but one recent experiment showed that women who had eaten apples for an extended period had a 15% decrease in cardiovascular disease risk. That is good news for you - and for your family who wants you around for a long time.

Not only can apples decrease your risk of heart disease, they can also reduce your risk for diabetes. Several studies have shown that women who consumed at least an apple a day were able to reduce their risk of Type II diabetes. Many of the preventive vitamins were found in the peel of the apple. Your kids may not like the peel, and you may even be prone to removing it yourself, but it is an essential part of the apple. Later on we will briefly touch upon the benefits of eating the whole apple.

Weight loss and a reduction in asthma
If you have any interest in losing weight, you will be glad to know that apples have also been associated with significant weight loss. features a Brazilian study of middle-aged women that shows that they were more likely to lose weight if they consumed apples on a regular basis. Another group of overweight women asked to eat three apples a day eventually showed more weight loss than women who had similarly eaten other fruits for the same amount of time.



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