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Prescription Assistance Programs
In order to provide prescription assistance to those without prescription drug coverage, many Pharmaceutical Companies have developed Patient Assistance Programs (Also known as "Free Prescription Programs," "Prescription Assistance Programs" or "PAPs.") These prescription drug assistance programs help patients maintain their health and well being by offering free prescription medications and discount prescription drugs for patients who lack medication coverage and have limited financial means. Unfortunately, though these Patient Assistance Programs (pap) have been around for many years, they are often unheard of by the people who need prescription help the most. Also, the large amounts of red tape created by multiple free prescription or prescription assistance programs (pap) often confuse patients who need drug assistance to the point where they are unable to receive free medicine or other available prescription assistance.

Still, when Patient Assistance Programs are managed properly, many low-income families can receive free medicine and much needed prescription drug price assistance through these free prescription programs. Members of SelectCare Benefits Network (SCBN) receive unlimited access to our turnkey prescription assistance utilizing hundreds of Patient Assistance Programs (pap) covering over 1400 medications. We work with you and your doctor in a partnership for prescription assistance to get you the medication help that you need for only a fraction of the would be costs of the free medication that you receive.
Facts about Prescription Assistance Programs (PAP)

45 million Americans were uninsured in 2003, up from 43.6 million in 2002.
. Uninsured U.S. residents incurred nearly $41 billion in uncompensated health care in 2004

Free Prescription Statistics
Prescription Assistance Programs (pap) have given free medicine by filling tens of millions of free prescriptions for uninsured and low-income Americans
. In 2002: 13,387,890 prescriptions were filled.
. In 2003: 18,160,523 prescriptions were filled.
. In 2004: an estimated 22,119,664 prescriptions were filled.

The wholesale value of the free medication provided by Patient Assistance Programs (pap) is billions of dollars annually: . In 2002: $2,446,924,763
. In 2003: $3,478,004,058
. In 2004: an estimated $4,179,393,960

Qualifying for Free Medicine through Prescription Assistance Programs (PAP)Each pharmaceutical company has unique criteria for qualification to receive prescription help through their Prescription Assistance Program (pap.) However, there are general rules common to all Free Prescription Programs such as the patient must: . Be a U.S. resident.
. Have no insurance coverage for outpatient prescription drugs.
. Be at an income level that causes a hardship when required to purchase the medication at retail prices.

Income Limits for Patient Assistance Programs (pap)
The applicant's income must fall within limits established by each individual program sponsor. Although income limits vary from program to program, typical qualifiers have an income below $20,000 annually for an individual and $31,000 annually for a couple. All decisions on which drugs to be included in the programs and on which individuals will receive assistance are made by the various program sponsors, not by SelectCare Benefits Network (SCBN.) It is our mission to help you to qualify for as much prescription assistance as possible. Our complete database or Patient Assistance Programs, our unsurpassed experience in prescription drug advocacy through free prescription programs and our commitment to being the most complete and thorough Patient Advocacy Organization in the nation ensure that you will continually recieve free medications from the best avialable programs for your situation.


Q: How will SelectCare Benefits Network (SCBN) help me to get free prescription medication?A: As a member of SelectCare Benefits Network (SCBN), you will have unlimited access to our turnkey assistance with over 200 companies' Patient Assistance Programs (PAP.) Our Advocacy team will assist you by:
. Matching your free medicine request with the specific prescription assistance program that can offer you prescription help
. Completely filling out patient assistance program (pap) forms and assisting you in collecting necessary drug assistance documentation such as proof of income.
. Forward the patient assistance program (pap) documents for you and your doctor's signature.
. Applying for prescription drug help on your behalf after checking all prescription assistance program (pap) documents and requirements for 100% accuracy.
. Following up with you when it is time for your free medicine applications to be renewed (normally once every 90 days)
. Staying current on all trends and changes that affect you eligibility for free prescriptions or other prescription assistance

Q: What is the cost for this valuable service? A: We do not sell or give away prescription medication. The costs involved in this program are specifically for our Patient Advocate services that help you to qualify for free prescription drugs or other prescription assistance. These services result in free medicines or discount prescriptions being sent to you directly from the prescription drug manufacturers. The cost for our patient advocacy services of SelectCare Benefits Network (SCBN) is based on the number of medications that we assist you with. In general, the cost for prescription assistance is $20 per month per medication that we help you to qualify for. For example if you require assistance with 3 medications then your cost for this membership would be $60 per month ($20 X 3 = $60) based on a 12 month agreement. In some cases, there will be extra work required for us to assist you in receiving a free medication, such as appeals that will be made on your behalf or the need to go to an outside program to assist you. In this case, there will be an increase in your membership dues for medication help with that particular medicine. Normally, the amount for this medicine will be $20 per month though at times it may be more. Also, there is also a small application fee required at the time of enrollment that is normally $50 but cannot exceed $75.
Q: Are these Generic or Brand Name Medications?
A: Most prescription assistance programs (PAPs) are for brand name medications. However, if there is no patient assistance program (PAP) for the brand name medication then some generics are available. Please call to see if your medicine qualifies for free prescription programs.
Q: Where do these free prescription drugs come from? A: This free medicine is supplied directly from drug manufacturers' patient assistance programs (PAPs) and normally at least a 90 day supply of free prescription medicine is given. To receive additional free medication, we will need to assist you in reapplying to each Prescription Assistance Program (PAP) individually.
Q: Why would the pharmaceutical companies offer these free prescription drug programs? A: There is a differing of opinions on the exact reasons that Pharmaceutical Companies are giving away free prescription drugs. Some say that they do it because of their ongoing commitment to public health and because they really do care about low-income patients who need prescription assistance. Others, noting the excruciating guidelines to participate and that these prescription assistance programs (PAPs) are not publicized as much as they could be, argue it is more of a political move on the part of these companies. Regardless of why, the fact is that the pharmaceutical company sponsored patient assistance programs (PAPs) do give away free prescription medication and many people can benefit from this prescription help. And now, with the help of the SelectCare Benefits Network (SCBN,) the processes of receiving free prescription drugs through multiple prescription assistance programs (PAPs) have been made easy for the average patient who needs prescription assistance.
Q: How long does it take to get my medication after I apply?
A: From the time you return your initial Prescription Assistance Program (PAP) forms to us with you and your doctor's signature, it takes the individual free medicine program approximately 2 to 6 weeks to ship your free prescription medication. In rare cases, there can be further delays caused by the individual prescription assistance program (PAP.) In most cases, this free medicine is sent to your physician's office. Renewal applications for prescription assistance must be sent in early to allow for each Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) processing time. Select Care Benefits Network's experienced Advocacy Team will contact you when it is time to get started on the renewal process.
Q: What should I do after applying?

A: Continue taking your medication as normal until you receive your first shipment of free medication from the patient assistance programs. As Select Care Benefits Network (SCBN) never dispenses medication, we cannot guarantee the time of shipment of your order.
Q: How much medication will I be receiving?
A: Most pharmaceutical company sponsored free medicine programs will send a three-month supply.
Q: How will I re-order my medications once the initial supply has run out?
A: Most Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) require that you complete the entire free prescription application process for each shipment of free medication that they send. SelectCare Benefits Network (SCBN) will attempt to contact you when it is time to renew your application for prescription assistance. Once SelectCare Benefits Network (SCBN) has verified with you which free prescription medication you will still need, we will complete all of the Patient Assistance Program forms necessary for you to receive your free prescription refills and forward it for signatures just like the first time. Every effort is made to complete the process in ample time to receive your refills before you run out of medication. However, as we never dispense medication or approve an application, we cannot guarantee the time or promptness of your delivery. Your prompt cooperation with our Advocacy Team is crucial to ensure the prescription assistance process runs smoothly.
Q: What if I am not approved a Prescription Assistance Program (PAP?)
A: SelectCare Benefits Network (SCBN) will make every effort to pre-qualify you for free prescription drugs through Patient Assistance Programs before we take your initial application or begin the application process for prescription help. Our pre-qualification for Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) is based on the most recent data available. If for any reason you are denied by the pharmaceutical company, you will receive a full refund of your Membership dues paid for assistance in attaining drug assistance for that particular medication. In order to issue this refund, we will require a copy of the program's rejection letter. In many cases, your Personal Care Advocate may be able to appeal the company's decision for an additional fee of $5 per month per medication to be appealed or a total net cost of $20 per medication. ($20 + $5 = $25)
Q: I have been pre-qualified for free medication but told that I will need an "appeal" what does this mean? A: Often times we are able to qualify you for free prescription medication through a prescription assistance program (pap) even if your monthly income exceeds the guidelines set forth by the particular free medicine program sponsor. We can do this based on circumstances in your life such as high out of pocket medical or prescription costs. In short, we go to bat for you with the pharmaceutical company to get you approved when you otherwise would not be. In most cases we can predict, based on our experience with each patient assistance program (PAP). In this case, we will charge you $25 per month for assistance with that particular medication. Most prescription assistance programs (PAP) will require that you apply as normal and be denied before SelectCare Benefits Network (SCBN) can file an appeal on your behalf. This delays the process of receiving your initial fulfillment of free medicine by approximately 2-4 weeks. Once you receive that denial and contact us, we can file the appeal on your behalf and, once approved, you will be eligible for that free prescription program for the next 12 months.
Q: What will SelectCare Benefits Network (SCBN) need from me to process my appeal. How will appealing a decision affect my membership?

A: In most cases we will need a printout from your pharmacy for the amount that you spend on medication. In some cases, our advocacy team will ask you for a little more information. If your appeal is denied, you will receive a prompt refund of all amounts paid for medication help with that particular free prescription program. However, if you were pre-qualified for our assistance based on the need for an appeal and you do not cooperate by giving us the necessary documentation you will not be released from our agreement for that free prescription medication and no refund will be given.
Q: How do I find out I qualify for free prescription drugs and the advocacy services of SelectCare Benefits Network (SCBN?)
A: We do not accept all applicants into our program. We first do a thorough analysis to see if you will qualify for free prescriptions through patient assistance programs (PAP) and determine if it will be in your interest to become a member. Second, we determine your ability to work with us to receive prescription assistance from our Patient Advocacy Services. We assess whether or not you will be able to meet the necessary requirements for membership such as ability to understand and perform the necessary tasks required when in partnership for prescription assistance with us?


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