Monday, June 30, 2008


Icy Hot Heat Therapy Products Cause Severe Burns, Other Injuries
In early 2008, the Food and Drug Administration announced a nationwide recall of several Icy Hot Heat Therapy Activated Heat products after hundreds of users reported suffering first-, second- and third-degree burns,
skin irritation and other injuries after using the products designed to ease muscle and joint pains. Some users reported being injured by the adhesive material used to hold the warming patch on the skin.

The Icy Hot products targeted in the recall were:

Icy Hot Heat Therapy Air Activated Heat - Back

Icy Hot Heat Therapy Air Activated Heat - Arm, Neck, and Leg

Icy Hot Heat Therapy Air Activated Heat - Arm, Neck, and Leg single consumer use "samples" that were issued on a limited basis as a free promotional item in cartons of 3 oz. Aspercreme Pain Relieving Cream

Most at Risk
While people from all walks of life used and were injured by the recalled Icy Hot Heat Therapy patches, those who were particularly at risk from the products include:

The elderly
Arthritis patients
People who experience muscle and/or joint pain

Recall Details
Chattem Inc., which makes and markets Icy Hot Heat Therapy products, voluntarily pulled the skin patches from store shelves in February 2008 after more than 200 people reported being burned by the products. Reports of injuries from the patches starting filing into Chattem and the FDA in 2007, officials said.

Injured By Icy Hot? You May Have Rights
If you or someone you know was injured by an Icy Hot Heat Therapy product, you may have a right to sue the manufacturer for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income and other damages, we sugest you contact a lawyer to get the help you may deserve.



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