Sunday, March 22, 2009


Trips to the supermarket are getting more and more expensive as the prices of food climb in response to increased fuel costs but too often, we start by cutting back on the healthy foods we should be eating more of.

Think about it white bread is less expensive than whole-grain bread; fatty ground beef is cheaper than the leaner cuts; and sugared cereals are often the ones on sale, not the whole-grain varieties. By always choosing the cheapest products, you may be compromising your health.

1. Try to limit your trips to the supermarket to just one a week. This generally cuts down on overall grocery spending and saves you some gas money, as well.

2.Make a list and try to stick to it. The only exception should be when you spot a product on sale - stock up on it and increase your overall savings.

3.Buy fresh fruits and vegetables when they're in season. Seasonal foods are where the bargains will be.

4.Try to purchase locally at a farmer's market. A win-win for you and the farmers. You could even start your own garden.

5.Buy more foods in bulk. This often saves money because you're not paying for packaging. But remember: If a food is perishable, only purchase what you can use up soon.

6.Limit the snack foods and put more of your money towards healthy meals.
Even though food costs are only going to keep rising, think about your health and don't cut so many corners that you end up shortchanging yourself on nutrition.



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