Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Curing Heroin Depression

Heroin is a derived form of morphine, which is an opium derivative. It is a narcotic and is considered to be a hard drug. An intravenous injection of heroin is capable of giving the fastest and the most intense rush. For this reason, it is a much sought after recreational drug.

The link between recreational drugs and depression is cyclical. Depressed people tend to look towards these drugs to elevate their mood. Sometimes, people start using drugs like heroin to escape certain stressful situations or as a result of peer pressure. The ‘high’ that these recreational drugs provide fades after a while as the body builds a tolerance. The individual then starts to miss the elevated experience that he/she once experienced. The cycle continues as the depression worsens.

Depression can be caused as a direct result from drug intake. Furthermore, it can be caused as a withdrawal symptom if the drug use is suddenly discontinued.

The indirect repercussions of the drug can be far reaching. Cases of depression can lead to broken marriages, strained relationships, financial problems, and much more. The spiraling effect of these situations is further depression and continued dependence on drugs for mood elevation.

Drug-induced depression is extremely difficult to diagnose. Often, people who resort to recreational drugs take two or three types of drugs at the same time. In most cases, the drugs are accompanied with alcohol. Since alcohol is a depressant and these drugs are mood elevators, the symptoms are confusing. This makes it more difficult for the physician to arrive at a final diagnosis.

Depression that is caused by heroin or another drug is difficult to relieve since these drugs are highly addictive. There is no medication that can cure the ‘habit’ or control the ‘urge’ to reach out for the recreational drugs that give the coveted, elated feeling. Moreover, antidepressants do not work if the depression is caused due to withdrawal symptoms.

Therefore, the best treatment for heroin-induced depression is to control the drug use. It is extremely important for the patient to cooperate and be willing to undergo therapy. If self help is difficult, you can seek out a counselor. This could be a healthcare professional, social worker, or even a well meaning friend.

There are quite a few voluntary agencies dedicated to treating depression caused by drug abuse. There are also detoxification centers that help in treating depression naturally. If you have the will and think that you can pull it through on your own, you are bound to succeed in your effort. Natural remedies for depression which include nutritional supplements, exercises, herbs, and alternative treatments can provide useful additional assistance in your efforts.



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