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High Blood Pressure Symptoms And Cures

High Blood Pressure Symptoms & Remedies

Blood pressure is determined by the amount of blood that the heart pumps as well as the condition of the arteries and arterioles. Factors such as excessive cholesterol levels cause blood vessels to become constricted, making it difficult for blood to pass through them, leading to high blood pressure or hypertension. High blood pressure can also be caused if the volume of blood passing through the blood vessels is above normal. If for any reason the heart is beating faster or with more force than normal, it will also cause the blood pressure against the walls of the arteries to increase.

High blood pressure is a silent disease. Most of the people do not have any symptoms until the disease progresses and starts creating complications. The symptoms of high blood pressure vary, generally include:

Vertigo, lightheadedness, or dizziness
Flushed face
Sensitive and jittery temperament
Bleeding in the eye
Abnormal perspiration
Incremental urination
Cramping in the legs
Sometimes a blood pressure reading may show a higher level after exertion such as climbing stairs or following a stressful incident. A single reading does not constitute a confirmed diagnosis and should not be a reason to worry. A diagnosis is confirmed only when a person consistently shows high blood pressure readings while resting. Two readings showing high blood pressure for at least three days are required to confirm the diagnosis.

Conventional treatment involves high blood pressure medications as well as lifestyle changes. Drugs normally include diuretics for flushing out excess urine and sodium from the body. In addition, different types of beta blockers are prescribed to reduce impulses to the heart and blood vessels, which act to slow down the heart, bringing down the blood pressure.

Hypertension is classified as primary and secondary. Secondary hypertension usually has an underlying disease that causes it. Once the causative condition is identified, treatment is given accordingly. Primary hypertension has no known causes and is mostly treated with lifestyle modifications and natural remedies for high blood pressure.

Alternative treatments for hypertension emphasize identification of the reasons behind the condition prior to treatment. Some of the possible causes include insulin resistance, heavy metal toxicity, food allergies, and nutritional deficiencies. Lifestyle modifications, foods that lower blood pressure, and herbal supplements are all important factors to consider when evaluating treatment and implementing changes. Homeopathy also forms an integral part of natural remedies for high blood pressure, as they are based totally on natural substances.

Causes of hypertension are difficult to identify, which makes prevention more difficult. Try to address the risk factors and lower your risks. The most effective preventive measures are exactly those that are recommended by alternative therapies for treatment:

Maintain optimal body weight
Make sure your diet is rich in natural nutrients
Ensure a significant intake of high fiber foods, reduce sugar and salt intake
Exercise regularly
Don’t smoke



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