Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Natural Medicine for Hypertension

Homeopathic Medicine for Hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a silent disease, staying under the radar for many until symptoms appear. However, it is a serious matter because chronic hypertension increases the risk of having a stroke, heart disease, or even kidney problems.

Chronic hypertension must be differentiated from a temporary rise in blood pressure, caused by nervousness, extreme stress, or after a strenuous bout of exercise. It is only when resting blood pressure shows higher levels and persists for a considerable time that it becomes worrisome.

Emergencies rising from sudden and intense instances of a rise in blood pressure require immediate attention and high blood pressure medication. Long-term medical care should include lifestyle changes, dietary modifications, and regular exercise.

Homeopathy provides convenient and natural remedies for high blood pressure without side effects like synthetic remedies.

For the most effective treatment, proper administration of medicine under homeopathy requires a thorough study by a qualified homeopath of the patient’s lifestyle, behaviors, and overall personality. Some of the commonly used homeopathic remedies for hypertension along with the indicative symptoms are listed herein.

Argentum nitricum:

Patient is warm-blooded, imaginative, acts on impulses, is uncomfortable in closed-in places, and craves for sweets and salt.
Blood pressure rises in an uneasy psychological state.
High blood pressure causes diarrhea, headache, giddiness, and a rapid, strong pulsation.
Aurum metallicum:

Stress-related high blood pressure in serious and ambitious people focused on career development.
Anger on realization of a mistake or failure.
Strong desire for alcohol, sweets, bread, and pastries.
Feelings worsen at night.

Sudden onset of symptoms triggered by intensity and heat.
Dilation of pupils and flushed face with rapid pulsation in different parts of the body.
Vertigo and pounding headaches with sensitivity to noise and light.
Despite the heat, hands and feet are cold.
Calcarea carbonica:

Indicated in people who tire easily.
Typically responsible attitude but overwhelmed with fear after illness.
Palpitations and respiratory problem.
Worse from lying down or ascending a slope or stairs.
Natrum muriaticum:

Strong feelings despite a reserved and responsible attitude.
A person who needs this remedy usually holds grudges for a long time and fears unfavorable outcomes from harmless incidents.
Nux vomica:

Although basically a constitutional remedy, it is indicated in impatient and focused people.
A strong desire for stimulants like coffee, tea, drugs, alcohol and sweets raises blood pressure.
Constriction in chest and constipation.
The list is not comprehensive and does not include phosphorus, sanguinaria, lachesis,and a few others indicated by other symptoms. Homeopathic remedies have different potencies and dosage is prescribed accordingly, whether the condition is acute or chronic. Although highly diluted with hardly any trace of the original substances that they are created from, homeopathic remedies can be highly effective if prescribed according to the set rules. Although the information can be helpful, it does not purport to be a lesson in self-healing.



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