Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Simple Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Simple Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Even though obesity is genetically and environmentally driven to a large extent, improper dietary habits remain the most common reason behind it. An inactive lifestyle works as a catalyst and makes the condition worse.

Basically, obesity is a result of high amounts of intake of calories coupled with low levels of energy utilization. Therefore, holistic weight loss solutions need to focus on both these aspects. Home remedies and herbal weight loss diets can play a major role in managing weight and avoiding obesity.

The largest of all problems arises due to the kind of lifestyle we lead today. Job pressures and long hours commuting leave very little spare time for preparing healthy meals. Simply “grabbing something on the way” to save time is fairly common these days. This usually implies that you are probably eating something that is not healthy, although fast food chains are making efforts to improve the healthful quality of their food. It also means that you are not allowing your body and mind to concentrate on the process of eating. Therefore, the body cannot focus on the process of digestion. The result is improper absorption of the food that is consumed.

The first and foremost home remedy, then, is to allow sufficient time for meals.

Asians have been using lime and honey in water as a natural weight loss remedy for ages. The concoction is a simple one. Add warm water to the juice of half a lime and a teaspoon of honey. This herbal home remedy for weight loss should be the first thing that you consume in the morning. Not only does it help in burning fat over time, it also helps cleanse the system. If you prefer a tangier drink, you can add more lime juice. You can also add pepper to taste. Make sure that you don’t increase the amount of honey or add salt to this mixture.

Apple cider vinegar is probably the Western counterpart of the same remedy. Apple cider vinegar in warm water, with or without some pure maple syrup for taste, gives nearly the same effect.

Leaves of the Indian plum also have fat burning properties. For best results, soak some leaves overnight in water and drink the water, after straining, on an empty stomach every morning.

Green tea has excellent properties that can help in weight loss by increasing the body’s metabolism. A better metabolic rate results in faster expending of energy. An apple and a cup of green tea provide enough oxidation and energy to replace one meal.

There is a general perception that all carbohydrates increase weight. It is a myth since only simple carbohydrates increase weight. Complex carbohydrates can actually be consumed as part of any weight loss diet. Here are some basic diet fundamentals that you should keep in mind when you are trying to lose weight:

Eat slowly
Consume only home cooked food
Avoid fried foods
Keep sugar intake to a minimum
Drink lots of water
Avoid eating between meals
Avoid ‘junk food’
Make maximum use of home remedies
If not attended to in time, obesity can ultimately lead you to complicated weight loss medications or surgical removal of excess fat. There are many natural alternatives available to help you lose weight safely and effectively, such as home remedies, diet, exercise and yoga.



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